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Who We Are

The IHQ Studios has specialized in managing artists, inkers and colorists, always seeking the best way to manage the development of the career of each one of its artists with ethics and professionalism.

In the market for more than 20 years, it has become one of the world’s largest studios in art production, illustration and comics, being sought after as a barn housing great artists by the greatest publishers in the business in Brazil, the United States and Europe. Besides managing, our focus is to improve the artist’s career, helping him from the development of his style to the elaboration of his portfolio and with working with professionalism and quality.

Pencillers/Inkers  -  Colorists  -  Illustrators  -  Comics  -  News soon


We Are Looking For:

Pencillers/inkers/line art, colorists and illustrators.

As we aim to expand women's space in the comics universe, female artists and colorists are more than welcome!

For Artists Availability

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