You have been selected and are now an ARTIST under IHQ Studios representation.


You have taken a big step, but it is only the beginning of your career as a professional artist, now you have to keep yourself in this competitive industry. Therefore, it is important to review some details so that this trajectory is long and full of success:

Professional drawing - ability to tell a comic story well and to draw, or color, any figure or scene efficiently;

Style - keep track of what is being produced abroad: which titles sell the most or are in the taste of readers and publishers.

Study continuously and evolve, do not get stuck in time: when the artist says "I already know everything" it is because he has aged and the chances of him remaining in the market decrease. A good artist, in any field, always learns!

Either you adapt to the market or you expect the market to suit you, stay tuned, because the second one may take time or never happen.

Never compare yourself to others saying “how many bad artists are working, if I, the best in the world, can't get a job”. First because you are not the best in the world, nobody is! And, second, you should always aspire to those who are models of quality and professionalism.

Professional attitude - being a good professional is as important as being a good artist: an editor will only continue to hand over works to an artist that he trusts and has a good relationship with. For this:

Always stick to the agreed deadlines. In the event of an unforeseen event or a problem, notify any changes to the delivery time as soon as possible. Never fail to warn that you will not meet the deadline on the day of delivery!

Constancy. However imprecise you may be, to work in the international market you need to have a steady work rate: 5 pages per week, for example. If you can't get organized and have a steady pace of work, how do you expect the publisher to also have a steady pay rate?

Always communicate. Send updates 2 or 3 times a week. It can be just an email or whatsapp saying that you are doing job X, that is on page Y and the delivery date will be day Z.

Never BAD speak of any professional: be an editor or an artist. Always treat your professional colleagues with warmth and politeness. As much as he does not like a certain artist, he is a professional and is in the same position as you.

Any questions or problems, ALWAYS ask. Never be ashamed to ask anything, however absurd it may seem, to your agent, his job is to help you.

Don't be proud or arrogant. Yes, respect everything that you have already studied and achieved, but also respect the opinion of readers, editors and professionals. If an editor asks for a review it is because he believes it will be an improvement for the magazine.

Be patient. There is no use calling the agent on Sunday at 11 pm to find out the answer to a test. Publishers work during business hours and decisions are made during that time. We also advise you to always check the e-mail before calling, because if the agent received the response from the publisher, he probably already broke the news to you.

Never post samples, scripts or work pages on social networks, blogs, websites, magazines and the like before communicating with the agent and the publisher.

  • Being under representation of IHQ Studios is no guarantee of work. It is not the agent who chooses you for a job, but the editor. The agent is an intermediary, who directs his work to what the editor is looking for, so always listen to your agent's advice and guidance. Still, it is important to emphasize that the editor you choose will depend on your work and your professional attitude: regularity and commitment.

  • When the agent asks for a revision in a sample or in a job, it is because, according to the experience in the market that he has, the revision is necessary. It is never for personal taste or to criticize you: the agent's goal is to find a job for you.

  • If after 4 months of doing the portfolio you were unable to find work, you should probably update your style and samples. Upon becoming an artist for IHQ Studios, your portfolio has already been sent to countless publishers in the US and Europe, and when a publisher likes a material, he quickly respomnd back and hires the artist. If a job has not yet appeared, it is because the editors did not want to and you will have to adapt your portfolio, for this, follow the agent's recommendations and tips. Never give up, you just need  one editor to like your material!

  • Never take any comment as if it were a personal thing! Each comment, criticism, suggestion or compliment has the sole purpose of helping you to improve and evolve professionally.

  • If in the conversation via Whatsapp or e-mail, you receive quick responses, it means that the agent is currently busy talking to editors and artists. And that does NOT mean that the agent doesn't like you, doesn't care about you or any other nonsense.

  • If you sent an email and received no response in 2 days, send it again. Insist! Sometimes something happened to the server..

  • If in doubt, call! Use the phone or Whatsapp: the agent will be happy to talk to you and chatting is always better than email.

  • When exchanging e-mail with editors and other artists, always copy the agent so that he knows how a job is going. This helps, if needed in the future, with payments and resolving problems or misunderstandings with publishers and artists.

  • Always read the content and instructions of the email very carefully: the agent sent to help you and / or instruct you on a job. Do not answer or call asking exactly what is written, it appears lack of attention and disorganization. On the other hand, always contact us if there is any doubt or lack of any information..

  • When taking a job, try to read and know as much as you can about the character: this will demonstrate professionalism and commitment, earn points with the editor and, at the same time, contribute to the quality of the final work.

  • Always send pages for approval in LOW resolution  and, only after being approved, as HIGH RES tiffs, according to the requirements of each publisher. If you send the job via FTP or Dropbox, always notify the agent by email and make sure that the upload was done correctly.

  • Update your skills! Learn how to use FTP and Dropbox programs: you will use them a lot to send material to publishers..