The IHQ Studios has specialized in managing artists, inkers and colorists, always seeking the best way to manage the development of the career of each one of its artists with ethics and professionalism.

In the market for more than 15 years, it has become one of the world’s largest studios in art production, illustration and comics, being sought after as a barn housing great artists by the greatest publishers in the business in Brazil, the United States and Europe. Besides managing, our focus is to improve the artist’s career, helping him from the development of his style to the elaboration of his portfolio and with working with professionalism and quality.

Currently, we manage approximately 51 artists; and produce, on average, 2,500 pages of comics per month. Some of our main works are: Doctor Who (Titan); Assassin’s Creed (Titan); Avengers (Marvel); X-Force (Marvel); Thor (Marvel); Spider-Man (Marvel); Deadpool (Marvel); Wolverine (Marvel); Star Wars (Marvel); Superman (DC Comics); Captain Atom (DC Comics); Conan (Darkhorse); Star Trek (EDW); among others.


Klebs Junior

talent manager

Script writer, illustrator and comics artist, graduated in Visual Communication by the Fine Arts Faculty of Sao Paulo, works in the national and international comics market since 1987.  He has published comics in the United States by the publishers DC Comics, Marvel, Malibu and Valiant, besides launching his own characters in the Brazilian books: Metal Pesado and Brazilian Heavy Metal. Currently he is the creator, editor and manager of the IHQ; a member of the board of the Museum of Graphic Arts of the State of Sao Paulo and, recently published his graphic novel Armed Homeland which, in 2016, won the HQMIX Award for best mini series in Brazil.

Psychologist formed by UMESP. She has always focused on the use of psychology for character creation and script development. Works for the female representation in the mythology of the Brazilian comic. Sabrina controls the daily flow of the works and the artists contact.

Sabrina Moura

studio coordinator